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Pre-employment screening and Body Mechanics Training


Nationally, it is estimated that 80% of adults experienced low back pain severe enough to cause them to seek treatment and/or modify activities including loss of work time. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the following occupations with the highest incidence and risk for back injuries: Healthcare workers, Construction Workers, Garbage Collectors, Truck Driver and Machinists. Studies have showed and programs that are currently in place for many mainland corporations and small businesses prove that pre-placement screenings and body mechanic training have lowered the incidence of work place injuries saving thousands and thousands of dollars annually. One preventive case or reduced case a year covers cost of the entire program.


There are 2 major financial benefits to employers with these programs.

1.) Reduction of duration and possibly incidence of work comp cases: Our pre-employment screening includes gathering baseline data of spinal and joint ROM and strength. This data is useful in refuting acute injuries with objective measures that show pre-existing losses or abnormalities. Also this screening is useful in identifying employees at risk for injury. This type of program has saved employers thousands of dollars annually. This program is recommended for new employees especially, but can be implemented for existing employees as well.

The screening involves having the employee come into one of our two clinics for a screening lasting 30-60 minutes. A copy of the screening form with baseline information sheet is sent to the employer for their files.

COST: $85.00 per employee screening.

2.) Reduction of incidence of worker injury due to preventative training: Our body mechanics and lifting training* can decrease incidence of injuries by training the employee proper body mechanics and other techniques to protect the spine while lifting. Training includes a check-out of applied body mechanics and lifting techniques. One work comp case can cost a company thousands of dollars. Training session lasts approximately 30-60 minutes

COST: $75.00 per employee
Both services bundled is $150.00

* This service can also be performed in small group settings with a lesser cost to the employer

All services are performed by a licensed, experienced physical therapist. Our staff averages 17 years experience per therapist.

For more information or for a request presentation, please contact Kevin Lockette PT. Cell: 808 228-0340 or e-mail:

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