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Welcome to the resource corner. Our philosophy is to share information and hopefully prevent injuries via education. Please feel free to download any or all of the files presented and be sure to check back frequently for updates. As we develop hand-outs and resources, we will post them.

News & Notes

Ohana physical therapists get certified in the evidence based LSVT-BIG program for Parkinson's Disease

The Ohana staff was certified in the LSVT-BIG Parkinson’s Disease program. We now have 6 PTs that are certified LSVT-BIG practitioners.

Magnesphere Health Treatments From Magneceutical Healh Hawaii

An exciting new technology is now available at our Honolulu clinic through Magneceutical Health Hawaii. It is the only device of its kind in Hawaii. There is over 25 years of research behind this technology.

Injury Prevention Series: Maintaining a Health Hip

A couple of hip injuries that are common in older adults as well as look at what you can do to "maintain a health hip" and to stay out of trouble.

Parkinson's Handout

Hand out from "Advanced Approaches for Improved Mobility in Parkinson's Disease

Stroke Handout

Hand out on "Staying Mobile & Active Post Stroke

The Knee

Hand out on common problems with the knee and treatments available to help restore the knee to health.

Sounding Off: What does 1:1 Treatment Really Mean? Are you a "consumer"?

Editorial by Kevin Lockette PT

General Fitness Articles
General Fitness>>Aerobic Training

How to set up an aerobic exercise program

General Fitness>>Flexibility Training

An article to help you understand the benefits of flexibility training and how to integrate it into your workout or begin one.

General Fitness>>Flexibility Training

Bullet point summary of benefits of flexibility training

General Fitness>>Strength Training: What you need to know

This article gives you the information that you need to know to safely implement a resistive/strength training program.

Fact or Fiction Quiz

Can older adults gain anything from weight training?


Legislation>>Congressional Support Still Needed For Repealing

Repealing the Medicare Therapy Cap

Legislation>>Model Letter for Patients on Lifting the Therapy Cap

Legislation>>Taking the Guess Work Out of Medicare Cap

Neurological Articles

Neurologic/Geriatric>>Parkinson Disease: Movement Tips

Neurologic/Geriatric>>Should I Exercise with Spasticity?

Chapter on exercising with spastic muscles

Neurologic/Geriatric>>Spasticity Management Program

Learn the possiblities available to treat spasticity

Orthopedic Articles

Orthopedic/Injury>>Low Back Pain and Pregnancy

You CAN get relief!

Orthopedic/Injuries>>Home Program for Medial Epicondylitis "Tennis Elbow"

Exercises and tips to take home with you.

General Fitness>>Posture

The importance of good posture

General Fitness>>Maintaining a Healthy Back

What you need to know about your back

General Fitness>>Maintaining a Healthy Hip

Things you should know about your hip

General Fitness>>Maintaining a Healthy Knee

Keep your knee feeling great

Orthopedic/Injuries>>Total Knee Replacement Outpatient Therapy Program

Find out how therapy after a total knee replacement can benefit recovery.

General Fitness>>Maintaining a Healthy Neck

Tips on avoiding neck problems

General Fitness>>Maintaining a Healthy Shoulder

Tips to avoid shoulder injury

Orthopedic/Injuries>>Reducing Shoulder Injuries for Athletes & Wheelchair Users

Orthopedic/Injury>>SHOULDER REPLACEMENT REHAB: A PatientÂ’s Guide

What to do after shoulder replacement surgery

Orthopedic/Injuries>>Proper Shoe Fit

Ever wanted to know? Find out here.

Paddling Articles

Orthopedic/Injuries>>Shoulder Care for the Paddler

Common Ankle & Foot Problems for Runners


Neurologic/Geriatric>>Pulmonary Rehabilitation

What's involved and how it could help

Seniors: Articles for Seniors

Neurologic/Geriatric>>Gait, Balance & Falls

Prevent falls

Neurologic/Geriatric>>Balance & Falls

Prevent falls and increase balance

Neurologic/Geriatric>>Prevention of Falls in the Elderly

Neurologic/Geriatric>>Home Assessment

Is your home safe for you?


Wheelchair>>Medicare Guidelines for Wheelchair Equipment

Wheelchair>>Understanding Manual Wheelchair Options

Gives an overview of manual wheelchair options by Medicare Code Classification.

Wheelchair>>Exercising From Your Wheelchair

Article with tips on safe and effective exercises from a wheelchair

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