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General Fitness>>Maintaining a Healthy Shoulder - 1/6/2007

Maintaining a Healthy Shoulder


v    The shoulder joint is capable of a wider and more varied range of motion than any other joint in the human body.  This increased mobility/flexibility of this joint makes it less stable than most other joints in the body.


v    The aging process (disuse and atrophy), strain & overuse, and trauma are several common factors involved in shoulder disorders. 


v    Repetitive micro-traumas/ over use syndromes can cause tendonitis, bursitis, degenerative arthritis, and can subsequently lead to “frozen shoulder” syndrome.


v    The rotator cuff is a complex of muscles that encircles the shoulder joint and is the major source of muscular stability in the shoulder.  The rotator cuff can be prone to tears and weakening due to a number of causes including strain and overuse.


v    Tendons attach muscles to bone.  Inflammation or small micro tears in the tendon (Tendinitis) is one of the most common of all shoulder disorders.


v    Researchers have found that rotator cuff tears occur more often in people who rarely exercise or who participate in sports only sporadically.


v    Posture and muscular balance play an important role in maintaining a healthy shoulder.  Slouched back and a rounded shoulders posture can set you up for repetitive strain on the rotator cuff complex partial contributed to by a muscle imbalance. 


v    Strengthening exercises and flexibility exercises play an important role in maintaining a healthy shoulder.


v     It is often recommended to stretch the tight anterior musculature (pecs, anterior deltoid, internal rotators) and to strengthen the scapular/ upper back musculature (lower traps, rhomboids, external rotators) to restore muscle balance and prevent injury.

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